Strawberry and Hazelnut Meringue Cake


This is a delicious sweet summer cake! I recommend you to prepare it the same day as you serve it and also to let it rest a couple of hours before you serve it.

Ingredients for the hazelnut meringue

200 g hazelnuts
5 egg yolks
275 g sugar
1 gelatin sheet

… and for the strawberry filling

3 dl of cream
2 ts of powdered sugar
250 g of strawberries, or more if wanted

 Let’s bake this cake!

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees, and then have fun making 4 circles with a 20 cm diameter. This was somehow the most difficult part of the cake for me… *frustration*

Then comes the long hazelnut preparation. You basically want hazelnut flour. So for that you need to roast the almonds first. I did it in a pan for less than 10 minutes, but google told me you can also put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

For the hazelnut skins, you can either let them rest in hot water for a while, and then you can peel the skin of easily. Or, you can use my what-the-heck-method, which consist of roasting them in the pan, then throw them in a towel, close the towel and then then massage and scrub the towel with the hazelnuts inside.


The skin will magically separate itself from the hazelnuts.


Some of them will stay no mater how much you try. Believe me, I tried. But then you just don’t give a shit and stick to the what-the-heck-method put in a blender anyways. And ta-daaa!

 You have the hazelnut flour that will give an awesome taste to the meringues.

Next step: whoopy whipping! Whip the egg yolks with whatever whipping machine you have until it’s stiff. Then integrate progressively the sugar and the maizena.

And finally, integrate the hazelnut flour in it while stirring slowly with lots of love!

Now fill your circles with the paste. Just divide the paste in the 4 circles and then take your time to spread it out to fill the circles. If you neither have a huge oven, nor two ovens, make two circles on two different plates. And then put it in the oven between 45 minutes and an hour, but switch their placements half way through so they get equally baked.

Note: one way of decorating the top layer is to chop some of the peeled hazelnuts and spread them on the meringue before you bake it.

And then cam the filling…

More whipping! Woop woop! 

But first, let’s prepare the strawberries. Wash them, then try to dry somehow so they don’t get to watery. Squeeze one third of them so you get some juicy mooshy strawberries. And chop the rest of them in medium sized pieces.

Whip the cream and the powdered sugar.

Mix all the strawberries and the whipped cream.

If the meringues are finished and cooled down, you can start building the cake. The bottom layer is of meringue, then switch between filling and meringue, and finish with the top-hazelnut-layer.

And booh yah! Enjoy!



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