Raspberry Meets Chocolate


This cake is a really nice and fresh summer cake! I recommend to make it one day in advance for the mousse to set, but also because the taste sets better after a day in the fridge.

  Ingredients for the sponge biscuit 

4 eggs
100 g sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
75 g flour
45 maizena
50 g butter
1 glass of water
2 tbsp of sugar

… for the raspberry mousse 

140 g sugar
40 g water
2 egg whites
1 gelatin plate
155 g cream
300 g raspberries or more

…and for the chocolate glacage

50 g butter
150 g dark chocolate
1 gelatin plate

Step 1: The Sponge Biscuit!


Start by whipping 4 eggs with 100 g sugar and 2 ts vanilla sugar. And then heat it up in a bain-marie and keep whipping for 5 minutes.

For those who don’t know how the bain-marie works:  you put the mix in a glass bowl that you put in a casserole with boiling hot water. This will heat up the egg mix slowly as we want it.

Then you can melt 50 g butter and add it to the mix.

 Now you have to prepare the mold. First you butter it, and then put a spoon or two of flour or powdered sugar in it and shake it so the hole butter is covered.

Tip of the day: the powdered sugar is good is you have a sweet tooth as me. And if you’re making a chocolate sponge biscuit, a good tip is to use cocoa powder instead of flour; no white marks and better taste!

Now add the batter and warm it in the oven at 190° for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: The Raspberry Mousse!

Start by making a syrup by boiling the 140 g sugar with the 40 g water.

Then whip the 2 egg whites until stiff.

And now mix the syrup and whipped egg whites and you now have an Italian meringue batter.

Now for the raspberries, take the better half of your raspberries, the prettiest ones, and put them aside. These will be used for the inside of the cake, so you them crunchy … or as crunchy as a raspberry can be!


Then you take the half that is left and mash them, then slowly heat the up in a pot. Then you add the plate of gelatin that you’ve soaked in cold water a couple minutes in advance.

Now whip the cream, once it’s stiff, mix it to the raspberry purée. Then mix that again with the Italian meringue. Ta-daa! You’re delicious raspberry mousse is ready!

Step 3: The Assemblage!

Cut the sponge biscuit in two, and put the first layer back in the mold. Then add the most of the mousse, and spread out the raspberries that you kept. Then top it with the rest of the mousse. Put the second layer of the sponge biscuit.

Now you should put it in the fridge for at least 5 hours. When you take it out and remove the mold slowly, you should get this:

For the chocolate glacage start by putting the gelatin plate in water for a couple of minutes so it’ll get wet. While your waiting put the chocolate and the butter in a bowl in the microwave for around one minute. Just enough for it to melt a little bit. I like the microwave cause it’s quicker than with a bain-marie and you can’t burn it as you can in a casserole.

Then mix it until you get a even mix and then add the gelatin.

Step 4: The Chocolate Glacage 

You might gonna think as I did first: wait a minute… this isn’t enough to cover the hole cake! But that’s the beauty of it! It’s gonna look awesome as if the chocolate eats up the whole cake and you can still barely see something good and pink underneath! Pink food is always good!


Apply the glacage on the cake by starting putting everything in the middle and spreading it out with a spatula on the rest of cake and barely on the borders.


And booh yah! Eat!


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