French “Éclairs au Chocolat”


This is my favourite pastry in the hole wide world It’s called éclairs au chocolat which means chocolate thunders! If that’s not a good pastry name, I don’t know! Make it, taste it, love it, and make it again!

 This recipe makes about 12 éclairs.

For the pastry

25 cl milk
80 g butter at room temperature
3 eggs
150 g flour
1 pinch of salt

For the filling

4 egg yolks
100 g sugar
1/5 l milk
60 g maizena
150 g dark chocolate

For the topping

1 gelatin plate
50 g butter
150 g dark chocolate

The Pâte à Choux Amendments

So listen up! A pate à choux as we call it France can be very difficult to make because they have a tendency to grow big and beautiful in the oven and flatten out as pancakes when you take them out. It took me a couple of tries to find out what seems to me to be the three big secrets:

 1st Pâte à Choux Amendment:  When you preheat the oven, preheat also the plate they’re going to heat on. Then they get a nice bottom as well

 2nd Pâte à Choux Amendment:   Wait for the dow to get brown and not golden as a lot recipes right. Not burnt of course, but rather brown than pretty and golden.

 3rd Pâte à Choux Amendment:  And last important step, don’t take them out right away once they’re ready. First open the oven for a while so they cool down slowly.

The pastry

Mix the 25 cl of milk, a pinch of salt and the 80 g of cut butter in a pot and heat it up.

Once the butter is melted, take of the pot of the plate and add all of the 150 g of flour.

Put the pot back, and stir heavily. This process is meant to dry out the pastry. Stir it until it looks like this:


You then put it in a bowl and add the first egg and stir with a spatula. It’s going to do a strange mix. Don’t worry, keep stirring until the egg is well integrated.


Do the same process with each of the eggs.

The pastry is ready! Just use a freezer bag for example and cut a hole in the corner. I’ve personally always struggled like #$%& to get any batter in those plastic bags, but I found this trick which I find brilliant. There’s probably a lot of you guys who already knew it, but this is for all of those who where like me and couldn’t do it alone:


You now have to spread it out on a plate with baking paper. You chose how long you want them to be, but be sure they’re thick. Don’t worry if they’re flat, they will rise … if you did the batter right!


Put them in the oven at 180° for 25 minutes or more.


The filling

Whip the egg yolks and the sugar.


Add some of the milk and then the maizena.

Boil the rest of the milk in a pot and add it on the egg mix.

Put everything back in the pot and boil it for one minute or so. Stir very well! At first it should be very liquid, but with the heat it should thicken.

When it get’s a jelly consistence, you can add the chocolate.


The glacage

Soak the gelatin in water for a couple of minutes. Then add the powdered sugar and the chocolate powder until you have a nice kind of jelly consistency to it.


The assemblage

This is a very important step if you ask me, cause you don’t wanna be serving ugly pastries do’yah?

To fill the chocolate thunders with the filling you can either stick three little holes on the bottom of the pastries and fill them through those. Or if you have any other fancy baking equipment that allows you to only one hole, please do, but I don’t.


And for the topping you can either spread it out with a spatula or you can dip the pastries up side down in a bowl or a plate with the topping.


 And there you go!

Booh yah!




6 thoughts on “French “Éclairs au Chocolat”

    1. Yes, I know what you’re saying! Choux pastry can be quite scary, but this recipe is the result of years of trying different recipes and it should work really well. But the good thing, is that if the éclairs ends up flat, you just fill them up with chocolate and it’s all good! 🙂
      Tell me how it goes if you do try them!


  1. I don’t have a good relationship with the the piping bag, this is way I made not often the pâte choux…. so, thanks a lot for this very useful post! Trust me, is very much appreciated!


  2. I don’t have a good relationship with the the piping bag, this is way I made not often the pâte choux…. so, thanks a lot for this very useful post! Trust me, it’s very much appreciated!


  3. This is fabulous, but also sad. I just got back from France, and the one pastry I wanted was an eclair! I’d rather use up my calories on cheese and wine, but I had my one eclair!!!!! Yours look perfect!


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