My Easy Peasy Complete Macaron Guide

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So, who doesn’t like macarons? (if you don’t, please exit this website immediately). This recipe might be a tad long, but I really wanted to give all the tips and all the details so you’ll get perfect macarons!

This recipe should give you about 40 macarons with a 3 cm diameter.

The almond flour mix

100 g of almond flour or about 110-120 g of almonds
100 powdered sugar

I like to make the almond flour myself.
To make the almond flour you have two choices: keep the peeling or peel it off. What does it change? Two things: time and texture. If you keep it, it will have a rougher appearance. If you don’t there’s one step less, so it will be quicker.

Tip: since it’s a long process to make them, double the proportions so you’ll have some ready for next time. Just keep them stored in a sealed box in the fridge (only for a couple of weeks).

If you choose to peal the almonds like I did, put the almonds in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then put them in a bowl with cold water and squeeze the almonds with your fingers. The alomonds will pop out without the skin. I find this the easiest and fastest way to do it, but do it however you like it!


Roughly chop them in a mixer. Then dry them in the oven at 120° for 10 minutes.
Now chop them again, now until you obtain a smooth and thin almond powder.

Tip: don’t mix too much at a time, you’ll take the risk of having a paste instead of flour!


Last step of the flour mix is to mix it with the powdered sugar.

Tip: sift the mix, it’s very important if you want a smooth texture


The French meringue

3 egg whites
100 g sugar

Some recipes use Italian meringue which is a version where you add a sugar syrup to the stiffed eggs. I chose to use a french meringue as it I think it’s easier.

Just beat the eggs with an elcric whip until you obtain a smooth mix as below.


The “macaronage”

That’s the word the French use for the mixing of the meringue with the other ingredients. This is a important step because you need to mix it perfectly, not to much and not not enough.

You want to obtain a smooth and thick paste. If you want your colorants to be coloured, this is the step where you add your colorants.


A quick guide to colorants: liquid ones will give you light pastel colours, powder colorants are messy and difficult to measure but will give you bright colours. Pastry colours are the best because they give the best colours.

Now you can dress the macaron shells on the oven plates with baking paper. Or you can also buy silicon plates which are special made to make macarons.

Tip: use some of the batter to glue the paper on the four corners of the plate, in that way, the paper is steadier and you’ll make preatier macarons!


I used both a silicon macaron plate and a normal oven plate with greaseproof paper, they both looked good and round. So, if you master the macaronage step and get the right texture to the batter, I would say buying a silicon plate isn’t that necessary.

Once you’ve made them on the plate, wait for 45-60 minutes for a crust to build on the macaron shells. A good test is to lightly touch one shell with your finger – if the batter sticks to your finger, it’s not ready.


Bake them at 150° for 10-14 minutes, depending on your oven. If you have the hot air option, use it. And if you made the macarons bigger than 3 cm, you may have to leave them more time.

When do know they’re ready?
1. You should at least wait for them to get this bubbly crusty crust on the bottom.
2. If you left them rest long enough they shouldn’t crack up. So if they do, you might have them on to much heat or for to long, so you can take them out.


The “ganache”

1 dl cream
100 g dark chocolate
50 g unsalted butter
1 s sugar

Break the chocolate into pieces and put it in a salad bowl. Then heat up the the cream with the sugar. When it starts to boil, take it of the plate and pour it on the chocolate. Mix it well. When you got a smooth mix, add the butter.

Let it cool down for a little while and then let it in the fridge for an hour or so. Then you can use it! Woop woop!


Now it’s soon ready to eat! … NOT! You can fill the macarons with the chocolate ganache now, but when it’s done, put it back in the fridge and leave them there for a a day. I know it’s difficult, but I promise they will get much better.

Tip: if you made to many, you can freeze them, they shouldn’t get ugly or broken in the process!

Booh Yah! Enjoy!



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