Plum and Chocolate Tart


This good and easy tart is also good with other fruits. I would recommend with pears or apricots for example. Enjoy!

Ingredients for the crust pie

100 g almond flour
1 egg
100 g flour
50 powdered sugar

… for the plum filling

6 small plums
5 s sugar
3 s flour
2 eggs
10 cl cream
1 s powdered sugar

… for the chocolate glazing

50 g butter
150 g chocolate

The Almond Crust Pie

Tip: if you don’t have almond flour laying around, just do a regular crust pie as you usually do it.

Mix the powdered sugar with the tempered butter until you get a smooth paste.


Then add both of the flours and mix well again.


Finally add the egg.


Put it in the fridge for a little while.

The Filling

Heat up the plums for just a couple of minutes and then mix them in a mixer. Add the sugar. Cool it down in the fridge for 30 minutes.


In the mean time, prepare some whipped cream with the cream and the powdered sugar. When the plum purée is cooled down, add the whipped cream.


Then the flour, but be sure to sift it … don’t be stupid like me and forget it! *as always* Then add eggs one at at time.

The Assemblage

Take out the pie crust and spread it out with your hands in a form. I used a heart form, so it’s kind of difficult to tell which diametre you should use, but rather a small one. It’s good if the pie crust is a bit thick! It’s so good with the almond taste! I put a hole on the picture so you can see how thick it’s supposed to be.


Preheat it at 200º for around 10 minutes.

Then you can add the filling and heat at the same temperature for about 20-25 minutes.


Let it cool down. And to finish it all melt the butter and chocolate together for 20 seconds in the fridge, then mix it well and pour it on top of the tart., And now, again, let it cool down, in the fridge this time.

Tip: this can also be good with whipped cream to cover the tart instead of the chocolate!

Booh Yah, It’s Ready!



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