Parsley Pesto

IMG_4959 - Version 2

I learned this recipe at one of my host farms while I was travelling in Italy and I love it! It’s easy, really fresh and a nice change from basil pesto.


Optional: pecorino or parmesan cheese
Remember to use your head while you make the zest and adjust the ingredients according to texture and taste!


This is yet another easy peasy recipe!
First you just need to squeeze the lemon to put and put it in the blender, but also grate the lemon to get the lemon zest. Don’t forget to wash it, especially if it’s not organic!
Now put the ingredients in the blender but start with 2 garlic cloves and half a lemon, and then taste and add more if you like it stronger in either tastes.

This is really good with pasta, but use it to all your other dishes where you usually use basil pesto.

Booh Yah!



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