Granola is basically the super version of müesli: baked and sweetened. And there’s a lot of different granola recipes out there, so I’m not gonna give you yet another one, but rather a guide for you to make your own granola according to your taste bugs or according to what you have in you can find in your kitchen. 

I’ve been studying a lot of granola recipes and after a good deal of research I’ve discovered the magic formula to make the perfect granola. This formula makes a lot of sense in terms that you want a mix of consistence, crunchiness and variation of the ingredients. 

THE GRANOLA FORMULA = 50% rolled oats  –  30% nuts  –  20% seeds

In addition, you need what I call the glue ingredients, such as sugar or  honey or  oil…
And also dried fruits and spices if you wish to. 

IMG_5198 - Version 2

THE ROLLED OATS – I use a mix of wheat, rye, oats and barley but anything works!

IMG_5207 - Version 2

THE NUTS – Of course, for all nuts, we’re talking about unsalted nuts! But the peeling can stay on if you want to. Those can be Brazil nuts, pecan nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds… whatever you want! You can also chop some of the bigger kinds in bits or slices if you wish to.

IMG_5199 - Version 2

THE SEEDS – Take your peek between sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds…

IMG_5273 - Version 2

THE “GLUE” INGREDIENTS – Here you can choose between different combinations:

  • a mix of olive oil and honey (I used this mix, and used 8 tbsp of olive oil and 10 tbsp of honey)
  • a mix of maple syrup and sugar, with perhaps some coconut oil or honey
  • a mix of melted butter and brown sugar

For the measurements, try your own different combinations and just make sure that all of the dry ingredients aren’t dry anymore and you’re good!

OPTIONALS – Those could be anything from raisins, to dried berries, bananas, apricots, dates and so on. And of course, fresh fruits that you add just before eat them are also genius! Spices are also good such as cinnamon or vanilla extract. 


granola 1

Preheat the oven at 180°.

First step: mix everything, except the optional dried fruits, in a bowl or directly in the roasting pan. Eventually chop the big nuts if you want smaller pieces.


Second step: put the pan in the oven.

Third step is also easy but important, mix the granola around every 8 minutes so they get an evenly baked.

You should bake the granola for as long as it takes for it to get brownish. That should be around 30 minutes, but it depends on your oven, so adapt the time to your oven.


When and where to use granola:

  • for breakfast, with either milk, yogurt or fruit
  • in dessert, as a topping for cakes, tart, mousses, there is no limits to granola!
  • to make granola bars, perfect for hiking and snacks since they are so high in calories they’ll give you a energy boost for sure!
Note to all of my Norwegian friends out there: if you where wondering if it is cheaper to buy the Granola prepared or to make it your self... no worries, I did the maths! So, my granola with the above nuts and seeds ended up at 68 kr/kg, while some of those in the stores was at 97-103 kr/kg. And the most expensive ones only had one type of nut! All of the groceries where bought at Bunnpris, but I guess that you can find the ingredients even cheaper other places.


Booh Yah! Enjoy Your Granola!



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