Norwegian Christmas: Krumkaker

IMG_8224 - Version 2
 I’m continuing my personal challenge of making 7 types of biscuits for Christmas, the so-called Norwegian “7 Slag” (click here for more on this Norwegian Christmas Tradition). This time I chose to make “krumkaker”! These are delicious and crispy and brings me back to my childhood when I was admiring my Great Aunt’s christmas preparations.

Note: you need a “krumkakejern”, a special iron you can find in skandinavian countries, and a “krumkakepinne”, a sort of cone formed kitchen equipment (see picture above).


2 eggs
125 g sugar
125 g flour
125 g corn starch (potetmel in Norway)
125 g melted butter
1,5 ts cardamom


Start by whipping up the eggs with the sugar until you get a smooth mix.

Then add the flour, corn starch (potetmel) and cardamom through a sift.

Once the batter is smooth you can add the melted butter. The batter is supposed to be thicker than a pancake batter. Depending on the consistence you obtain you can add some water to make the batter more liquid.

Let the batter rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Then comes the fun part! Find out how much batter you need for each “krumkake” for your device, but you can start with one spoon and adapt it from then on.

Once the “krumkake” is golden you can take it off the iron and use the “krumkakepinne” to shape them unto cones. But be quick, the “krumkaker” will stiffen up very fast.

You can also have fun and make other shapes. Put it in a bowl or a glass for example and the cover it by another bowl or glass and then you’ll get edible ice cream bowls for example.

Remember to store them in a tin box so they will stay crispy. And try to put some aside so you still have some for christmas!

Booh yah! It’s done!

IMG_8234 - Version 2


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