Pesto di Ruccola

I never manage to finish my pack of rocket salad before it becomes soft and sloppy, so this is a perfect recipe to use it at that point. Because the flavour is still good, but it’s just not crispy enough for salads.  This recipe is for one person and takes 3 minutes if you’re a … More Pesto di Ruccola

Italian Gnocchi

First things first: it’s pronounced “nyokee”, not “gnokee”! Now we can start! So potato gnocchi are actually quite easy to make and needs very few ingredients, but you can still impress your guess with it, and how great is that! And with this recipe, it’s like the gnocchis melt on your tongue … amazing …. … More Italian Gnocchi

Parsley Pesto

I learned this recipe at one of my host farms while I was travelling in Italy and I love it! It’s easy, really fresh and a nice change from basil pesto. Ingredients Optional: pecorino or parmesan cheese Remember to use your head while you make the zest and adjust the ingredients according to texture and … More Parsley Pesto

Spicy Tuna Tomatoes

These are a great starter or side dish and are quick to make. Most of the preparation is the 30 minutes in the oven, so in the meantime you can make another dish! Ingredients 10-15 cherry tomatoes 1 box of tuna 3 ts white cream cheese parmesan 2 ts of any spicy oil you like (I used … More Spicy Tuna Tomatoes