English, French and Norwegian Ingredient Translator

As a confused multilingual cook, I often forget the translation of an ingredient, but also don’t find the equivalent of a product in the country I’m staying. So here was my solution: an Ingredient Translator!

The tables doesn’t show the exact translations, but the similar equivalent ingredient with the same usage in other countries. And if not notified, the translations are equivalent to the US products.

The ingredients are listed by categories, but if you are unsure of an ingredient you can either look it up in the category “All Ingredients”, or type it in the “Search” box on the home page.

It’s also meant to translate only the most difficult products, but if you think something is missing don’t hesitate to contact me on boohyahyummy@gmail.com. The same goes if you have any comments or spot any errors.



Last updated 01.03.2015.


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