All-purpose Flour; Plain Flour

Siktet Hvetemel

Farine de Blé type T55 ou T65

Rye Flour


Farine de Seigle

Barley Flour


Farine d’Orge

Spelt Flour; Dinkel Flour

Spelt Mel

Farine d’Épeautre

Pastry Flour


Cake Flour

Hvetemel (eventuelt 190 g hvetemel blandet med 3 ss maismel)

T45 ou T55 (éventuellement 190 g de farine mélangé avec 3 cs de farine de mais)

Bread Flour

De T55 à T150

Whole Wheat Flour

T110 ou T150

Self-rising Flour

Hvetemel med tilsett bakepulver (1 ts bakepulver per 200 g hvetemel)

Farine de Blé avec Poudre Levante Incorporée

Note: The French flour system works from type T45 to T150, which are classified from the percentage of ashes. The higher the number, the higher the darker it is. So if you’re making a loaf for example, you will use the T45, and if you’re making a whole wheat bread, you can go up to T150. American flours are higher in proteins and gluten.


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