Italian Tiramisu

This is my must-have-dessert when I’m in Italy, and my must-have-dessert when I miss Italy! I got the recipe from a good Italian friend of mine and it’s so simple and good that I’ve never felt the need to improve it. I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I do! INGREDIENTS 3 eggs … More Italian Tiramisu

French Christmas Tradition: “Bûche au Chocolat”

  We have a rather French Christmas time at home, and I have one job to do: the French “Bûche de Noël”. Which directly translated means “Christmas Log” because that’s what it should looks like. I love it and it’s easy to make! Ingredients for sponge bicuit 4 eggs 100 g icing sugar 100 g flour 25 g melted butter … More French Christmas Tradition: “Bûche au Chocolat”

Pesto di Ruccola

I never manage to finish my pack of rocket salad before it becomes soft and sloppy, so this is a perfect recipe to use it at that point. Because the flavour is still good, but it’s just not crispy enough for salads.  This recipe is for one person and takes 3 minutes if you’re a … More Pesto di Ruccola

Granola Bars

Boy! This was easy and quick to make! And they were really good as well. This recipe was adapted from the book Little Cooks, by Erin & Tatum Quon, but I found the recipe on the blog Cookbooks 365. It gives around 8-10 bars and takes 15 minutes to make, plus 15 minutes to rest. Ingredients … More Granola Bars

No-Knead Cupbreads

How cute are cupbreads? I would make them all the time just because their cute! But more seriously, they’re practical because they don’t dry out as a big bread will do. Ingredients 100g wheat flour 150 g rye or wholewheat flour 200 ml water 1 tsp instant dry yeast 1,5 tsp salt Preparation The procedure for the … More No-Knead Cupbreads


Granola is basically the super version of müesli: baked and sweetened. And there’s a lot of different granola recipes out there, so I’m not gonna give you yet another one, but rather a guide for you to make your own granola according to your taste bugs or according to what you have in you can … More Granola